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Relation Formula Between Bolt and Tightening Torque

A tightened body tightening force stabilization agent capable of minimizing a variation in torque coefficient suitable for controlling a tightened body tightening force by a torque method, comprising, as an active ingredient, a polymer of unsaturated chain hydrocarbon with a carbon quantity of four; a method for stabilization of tightened body tightening force, comprising the steps of applying the polymer to at least either of a thread part such as a bolt member and a washer and the threaded part or seat surface of the tightened body and performing a tightening operation.


T: Tightening torque --------------------N·m
K: Torque coefficient
d: Normal bolt size ----------------------mm
F: Axial tension -------------------------N
d1: Pitch diameter -----------------------mm
d2: Pitch diameter ofunder head ---------mm
μ1: Thread friction coeffcient
μ2: Underhead friction coefficient
α: Half angle of screw thread
β: Lead angle
θ': Angle off riction svrew thread

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